What are the services that VisaBadge offers?
The following are the key services offered by Visabadge - visa document preparation, verification, booking appointments, submission to Embassy if applicable, status tracking, personalised assistance at Embassy along with the administrative coordination as part of the approval process.
What are the documents to be submitted as part of the visa application process?
The nature of documents to be submitted and its complexity depend upon the country one intends to visit. For example, Dubai visa application is online & simple, with minimal documentation. However, the same for Schengen, will involve over 15 documents and personal appearance at the Embassy. VisaBadge has expertise in handling these and can be at your disposal at every step. You may also read through the following page to know the expectations of each country on their visa application documents: https://visabadge.com/blog/ 
Should I book my flights and hotels prior to applying for the visa?
Again, yes & no - because it depends on the country for which you are applying the visa. For example, for some countries you will just need a tentative itinerary but for the rest, you will have to submit the confirmed tickets and hotel booking vouchers, along with the visa application. Your My Visas page on VisaBadge.com will have more details on this front.
What are the Dos & Don'ts to be taken care while preparing the visa applications?
Please skip this concern and leave the burden to our experts. We will handhold you and ensure that your applications are rightly shaped. 
Does my financial status affect the visa approvals? Should I have a healthy bank balance?
Yes and no - because it depends on the country for which you are applying the visa. Some of them have guidelines on the amount to be shown as bank balance, before applying for the visa. Some of them will expect you to have a healthy financial backing, for the past couple of years. VisaBadge knows these requirements in detail and we shall guide you on how to handle this.
Should I send my documents (passport, for example) to VisaBadge for processing?
Yes and no - because it depends on the country for which you are applying the visa. For some of the lenient countries like Dubai, you don't need to send the original passports to us. For countries like SIngapore or Turkey, you will have to send the original passports along with the supporting documents (which we will advice) to our office so that we can submit them to Embassy. For some countries like the UK or Europe, there is no need to send the original passport copies to us; instead it needs to be carried by you personally at the time of interview that we will schedule for you.
How safe are my passports with Visabadge?
We have a fool-proof mechanism to handle the passports. Our operations department track and monitor all the passports in transit, round the clock. We also use tamper-free containers for the visa despatches. 
Does VisaBadge handle the collection of my original travel documents?
Yes, we have authorised collection agents in most of the cities. 
How do I track my visa application?
VisaBadge has a user dashboard called My Visas to track the visa approval status. We work with the Embassies to keep our customers updated about the approval status.
Does VisaBadge guarantee visa approval?
No, none other than the Embassy officials are privy to approval process. We usually encourage our customers to prepare a justifying visa application (which VisaBadge is good at) and leave the rest to the Embassy officials to review & conclude. Based on our historical data, the rejection rates are less than 7% on average, but this varies from country to country.
Do I get a refund, in case of visa rejections?
The Embassies or VFS charges are usually non refundable - hence the payments done to them won't be refundable, in case of rejections. However, 50% of the processing charges that you have paid to VisaBadge will be refunded, in case of rejections.
What is the nature of support provided by VisaBadge? Where can I find VisaBadge team?
Our team is based in Bangalore and Kochi. We have our technology, marketing teams in Bangalore while the operations and finance teams are seated out of Kochi. However, we also have our representatives in most of the cities where Embassies/Consulates are located. Also, one of our experts can be reached through one of the following channels,
Call or WhatsApp: +91 9074294969

Address: #L142, 5th Avenue, Sector 6, 5th Main, HSR Layout, Bangalore, 560102, India

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